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We help our clients accelerate their drug research by translating the biology of living systems into meaningful data.

Explore how our services in spatial biology, molecular pathology and histopathology can support your next study.

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‌The Spatial Biology CRO®

‌Propath’s spatial biology platforms allow you to explore which cells are present, where they are located in tissue, their biomarker co-expression, and how they organise to influence the tissue microenvironment.

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‌The Spatial Biology CRO
GLP Compliant
GCP Compliant
HTA Compliant

Trusted specialists for biopharma R&D

We are specialists in molecular pathology and histopathology for biopharma R&D. It’s what we’ve been doing for over thirty years. Trusted by our clients – small and large – across the world.

We believe the details matter: offering genuine expertise, ensuring robust Quality Assurance and being precise in our work.

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Nanostring ncounter service

Precisely quantify up to 800 genes or proteins in a single sample

  • From sample to data within as little as three weeks, all managed by Propath
  • Optimised for difficult samples, including FFPE tissue
  • Sensitive and precise, with no amplification bias
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Precisely quantify up to 800 genes or proteins in a single sample
Spatially resolve highly multiplexed RNA and protein markers

Spatial Transcriptonomics

Spatially resolve highly multiplexed RNA and protein markers

  • Multiplex up to 18,000 RNA or 800 protein targets per biological region of interest
  • Compatible with FFPE and frozen clinical samples
  • Fully managed as a service by Propath – from sample prep to data analysis – with robust QA and rapid turnaround
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Sequential Immunofluorescence

‌Study cells in context with ultra high-plex IHC

  • ‌Up to 40 protein markers on a single tissue section
  • ‌Add your target markers to our existing validated panels
  • ‌20 slides of 40-plex per week; or 40 slides of 10-plex
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‌Study cells in context with ultra high-plex IHC

High-plex immunofluorescence in practice: representative images produced at Propath

Expertise and know-how gained across forty years and thousands of successfully completed studies
Trusted by sponsors globally, including 6 of the world’s top ten biopharma companies
GLP/GCP compliant
Robust QA systems and procedures run through everything we do
Proud recipient of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, recognising our contribution to the life sciences industry

What our clients say

We have worked with Propath for the last two years on a variety of research projects, including both routine analyses and development of novel methods. They have been an excellent partner, always delivering work of a very high quality on time and to agreed budgets.
Nicholas Glanville PhD, Director, Preclinical Research
Prokarium Ltd
Quoted with consent of author
We have worked with Propath on a number of IHC projects and have found them to provide supportive, proactive communication with high levels of scientific expertise. The work they have performed for us has been of a high standard and enhanced the data in our research programmes.
Senior Director
Translational Medicine
Quoted with consent of author
Propath is a company with whom I look forward to working with. I have worked with Propath for many years and they have assisted us with several studies. Communication with regards to project timelines is particularly excellent which facilitates the smooth running of projects from start to finish. My contact with their staff is always professional and courteous. The quality of their work is extremely high, and delivery of results is timely and accurate. It was a pleasure to work with them.
Principal Scientist
Large Biopharma Company
Quoted with consent of author

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