‌Deep, single-cell spatial phenotyping

‌Introducing the CosMxTM SMI: high-plex, single-cell, spatial imaging

‌See more spatial biology from precious samples

Breaking new ground in spatial imaging, the NanoString CosMx provides high-plex in-situ analysis at cellular and subcellular resolution in FFPE and fresh frozen tissue.

  • ‌Investigate morphologically-intact tissues at unprecedented plex, resolution and cell numbers
  • ‌Explore the cell atlas, cell-cell interactions and phenotypes of the tissue microenvironment
  • Cloud-based data analytics, accelerating data-driven predictions and decisions

Reveal the full complexity of the tumour microenvironment

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A new standard for single-cell in situ analysis

High Resolution

‌Single cell and sub cellular resolution

Highest commercially available plex

‌Up to 1,000 RNA and 100+ validated protein analytes


Analyse RNA and protein targets from the same sample

The CosMx – At a glance

  • ‌Works with real world samples
    Compatible with FFPE and fresh frozen tissue
  • ‌Cloud-based AI-powered analytics
    Powerful bioinformatic pipeline driving deeper and faster data analysis
  • I‌maging of the complete tissue section
    ‌Flexibility to determine the imaging area and number of Fields of View (FOVs)
  • ‌Interactive data visualisation
    ‌Enabling image sharing, collaboration and data visualisation

How the CosMx works

The CosMx uses automated fluidics and imaging to hybridise and visualise 16 sets of four fluoresecent reporters, enabling protein imaging of 64 different antibodies

‌How researchers are using the CosMx

  • ‌Cell atlas and characterisation
    Defining cell types, cell states, tissue microenvironment phenotypes, and gene expression networks within spatial context
  • Cell-cell interaction
    Understanding biological process controlled by ligand-receptor interactions
  • ‌Treatment effects
    ‌Quantifying changes in gene expression before and after treatment
  • ‌Spatial biomarkers
    ‌Identifying single-cell subcellular biomarkers with spatial context

Advanced platforms for spatial biology available today at Propath

‌Our experience across a range of platforms for spatial biology allows us to recommend the most appropriate platform for each research project.

We understand the strengths and limitations of each platform – and how to get the best out of them.

‌NanoString GeoMx and CosMx
‌Whole slide spatial analysis of 18,000 RNA transcripts (GeoMx) and 1,000 RNA transcripts at sub cellular level (CosMx)
‌Validated for GCP studies
‌Lunaphore COMET
Highly multiplexed sequential immunofluorescence for up to 40 protein on a single slide
‌Validated for GCP studies
‌Akoya PhenoCycler and PhenoImager
‌Ultra-high plex single-cell spatial phenotyping; and focused mIF panels for high-throughput translational research
‌Validated for GCP studies
‌RNAScope and BaseScope
Robust in situ hybridization technology for rapid quantification of any RNA target in any tissue with spatial context

‌Propath’s complete service for CosMx studies

We take care of the complete process from sample preparation to data analysis, with robust QA procedures and complete traceability of your precious samples.



Tell us about your study

We’ll explain the complete process and provide as much support as needed to help you make key decisions and generate meaningful data that achieves your objectives.



Select your panel and number of Fields of View (FOVs)

Choose from one of NanoString’s validated protein or RNA panels, with the option to spike-in additional protein targets if required.



Sample prep and hybridisation

We prepare your FFPE or fresh frozen samples ready for flow cell analysis, including hybridization of RNA specific probes and antibodies; and assembly of the CosMx flow cell.



CosMx molecular imaging

Our experienced staff run CosMx analysis within our dedicated NanoString lab based in the UK.



Communication and QA

Expect regular updates and as many collaborative discussions throughout your study as required.  All our processes are supported by SOPs, traning and QA oversight, developed and refined over 30 years.



AI powered data analysis

We offer a comprehensive, service for data analysis and visualisations, powered by AI, hosted in the cloud and brilliant for collaboration across teams!

CosMx 64-plex Human Immuno-Oncology Protein Panel

Human I-O
64 plex panel
B7-H3 CD138 CD3 CD45RA Fibronectin ICOS LAMP1 STING
Bcl-2 CD14 CD31 CD56 FOXP3 IDO1 NF-kB p65 TCF7
Beta-catenin CD15 CD34 CD68 GITR IgD p53 Tim-3
CCR7 CD16 CD38 CD8 GZMA IL-18 pan-RAS Vimentin
CD11c CD19 CD4 EGFR Her2 iNOS PD-L1 Rb IgG
CD123 CD20 CD40 EpCAM HLA-DR Ki-67 PD-L2 Ms IgG1
Segmentation panCK Membrane Cocktail Custom Selection CD45

Publications & Resources

David Rimm: paper on PD-1 checkpoint blockade

Biomarkers associated with beneficial PD-1 checkpoint blockade in non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) identified using high-plex digital spatial profiling Clin Cancer Res. 2020

Propath’s brochure for NanoString services

Brochure outlining Propath’s service for NanoString nCounter gene and protein analysis, and GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiling