GLP/GCP compliant histology

GLP and GCP compliant histology

‌For over 30 years Propath has offered a full range of contract histology services – from routine to more complex techniques, across all species.

Services include tissue trimming, embedding, sectioning, H&E staining and special stains, all performed by highly trained and experienced technicians within a fully GLP and GCP compliant environment.

We operate an integrated quality management system throughout our facility covering all aspects of our service, including handling of tissues, subject confidentiality, study documentation, Quality Assurance, staff training, equipment maintenance and use of validated SOPs.

Our Study Directors and Principal Investigators have many years of experience conducting multi-site GLP studies and are familiar with all required regulatory documentation, including phase plans and study protocols.

Propath is experienced with all species and permitted to work with human tissue specimens under license from the UK Human Tissue Authority.

Scientist working in Propath lab

‌The Propath standard

‌Producing high quality, precise, consistent slides – in high throughput – is no small challenge.

We go to great lengths to achieve this by focusing relentlessly on every small detail at every discrete stage of the histology process.

This includes, for example, controlling:

The quality and origin of solvents used in processing to ensure good tissue preparation
The precise temperature of our water baths to enable complete flattening of tissues
The quality of microtome blades to produce clean, sharp sections
The composition of water used in our proprietary staining method to create exceptional stains
The concentration of decal fluids to ensure gentle and effective demineralisation of bones
The level of contaminants within our work environment to minimise artefact on slides
Careful packaging of slides to prevent damage during transit
And having a low threshold for rejection of slides that are not up to the Propath standard

‌A small selection of special stains produced in our lab

‌01 Masson’s Trichrome stain with aniline blue counterstain of kidney, demonstrating collogen in blue/dark blue; muscle red blood cells and fibrin in red; and nuclei in blue/black.
‌02 Martius scarlet blue stain of placenta demonstrating erythrocytes in yellow, muscle/fibrin in red, collagen/late fibrin in blue, early fibrin in yellow and nuclei in blue/black.
‌03 Perls Prussian Blue stain of spleen demonstrating hemosiderin (ferric iron salts) in blue.
‌04 Jones’ methenamine silver stain of kidney cortex demonstrating glomeruli, proximal convoluted tubules and distal convoluted tubules .
‌05 Verhoff’s Van Gieson stain of aorta demonstrating aorta, tunica adventitia, tunica media, tunica intima, with collagen in red and elastic fibres in black.
‌06 Toluidine blue stain of femorotibial joint demonstrating articular cartilage, trabeculae and bone marrow, with cartilage and chondrogenic-differentiated tissues.

GLP histology studies

‌Propath has many years of experience of conducting the histology phase of multi-site GLP studies.  For such studies the company is able to offer its own experienced Principal Investigators to ensure GLP compliance for the phase performed at Propath.

A phase report can be provided and a study-specific QA audit performed, as required.  A statement of GLP compliance is provided for all studies.  Sponsors are always welcome to visit Propath and conduct their own onsite QA assessment.

100% accuracy
‌We perform a 100% slide check for quality of section and gross lesion correlation
Brain tissue illustration
‌We are highly experienced working with brain tissue, using step sections to identify specific tissue structures
Pipette with samples
‌We routinely check the composition water used in our proprietary staining methods to create exceptional stains

A summary of Propath's research histology services

  • Tissue preparation according to standard or client specific trimming planes
  • Processing of large bones and joints – including femur and tibia joints
  • 100% quality control prior to dispatch
  • Megablock soft and hard decalcified tissues
  • Step serial sections to identify specific tissue structures, for example in brain or larynx specimens
  • Paraffin wax embedding to standard orspecific size and orientation requirements
  • Use of Propath or client SOPs
  • International transportation and documentation
  • Expertise in inhalation studies including precise trimming of nasal cavities using Exakt cutting system
  • Precision sectioning of FFPE and frozen tissue blocks
  • Customised blocking schemes
  • Standard H&E staining and special stains
  • Use of modified decalcifaction fluid for bonesto preserve tissue integrity and epithelial surfaces
  • Specific cassette and slide printing according to sponsor requirements
  • StandArchive ready packaging of residual tissuesard H&E staining and special stains
  • Door-to-door collection and delivery

Special stains available at Propath

‌Propath offers a wide range of validated empirical staining methods, including but not limited to:

‌Alcian blue PAS
Hall’s Bilirubin stain
Jones' Methenamine silver
Masson’s Trichrome
Oil Red O
Perls’ Prussian Blue
Picro Sirius Red
Verhoeff’s Van Gieson

A selection of our work

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