Taking spatial transcriptomics to the next level: Propath UK launches NanoString CosMx single-cell spatial analysis as a commercial service

HEREFORD, UK – Building on its reputation as a leader in spatial biology, Propath now offers single-cell spatial analysis on the NanoString CosMx as a commercial service – one of the first CROs globally to do so.  

The CosMx is a powerful new platform for spatial transcriptomics and proteomics, providing high-plex in-situ analysis at cellular and subcellular resolution.  The platform enables researchers to investigate morphologically-intact tissues at unprecedented plex, resolution and cell numbers.  

Existing panels offer up to 1,000 RNA and 60+ validated protein analytes, with the ability to perform analysis of RNA and protein targets from the same sample.  Analysis can be performed on either FFPE or fresh frozen tissue, with flexibility to dictate the area of sections to be imaged.

The CosMx has landed... perfectly alongside Propath's GeoMx and nCounter systems

Now the team brings its expertise to single-cell analysis with a professional managed service that extends from sample prep through to analysis. Data analysis is delivered through a powerful cloud-based bioinformatic pipeline, driving faster analysis and deeper insights.

“The CosMx takes spatial transcriptomics to the next level,” said Dave Swatman, Commercial Director of Propath UK.  “We‘re delighted to be able to offer this powerful technology to our biopharma clients and further expand our capabilities in spatial biology”.


With its dedicated facility for NanoString services, Propath is now accepting bookings for CosMx projects commencing July and August 2023.


Please contact us to discuss how the CosMx could benefit your research.

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