Propath presents a new approach for AI-driven ROI selection for GeoMx DSP analysis at SITC 2023

Working with our partners at Visiopharm and NanoString, the team at Propath UK have today published a poster at SITC 2023 demonstrating a new approach to streamline the workflow for ROI/AOI selection on GeoMx® DSP slides.

The authors used Oncotopix Discovery to automatically detect areas of relevant tumor subtypes based on hypoxia and immune infiltrate criteria in an unbiased, reproducible manner. Subsequent analysis with NanoString’s GeoMx® DSP was performed on selected areas.

This automated workflow enables high throughput for spatial multi-omic analysis.  If you are attending SITC, come by booth 735 or poster 68 to speak with Propath's CSO, Kelly Hunter, and hear more about the integration.

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