Nanostring GeoMX Digital Spacial Profiling

Technology Overview

Spatially resolve highly multiplexed RNA and protein markers

Spatially resolved transcriptomics: The new frontier of gene expression analysis

The GeoMx DSP resolves the trade-off between spatial and high-plex analysis, providing deeper insights into the biology of heterogeneous tissues.

From discovery to translational research, spatial analysis with the NanoString GeoMX is efficient, reproducible and reveals the full complexity of the tumour microenvironment.

Reveal the full complexity of the tumour microenvironment

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Spatial Transcriptonomics - Nature's Method of the Year

Understanding tissue heterogeneity is critical to answering key biological questions. The current tissue analysis paradigm requires a trade-off between low-plex spatial analysis or high-plex bulk analysis, sacrificing valuable information and consuming precious samples.

NanoString’s GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP) combines the best of spatial and molecular profiling technologies by generating a whole tissue image at single cell resolution and digital profiling data for 10’s-1,000’s of RNA or Protein analytes.

This unique combination of high-plex and high-throughput spatial profiling enables researchers to rapidly and quantitatively assess the biological implications of the heterogeneity within tissue samples.

The NanoString GeoMx platform

The GeoMx DSP is a novel platform developed by NanoString. Digital spatial profiling is based on nCounter barcoding technology and enables spatially resolved, digital readout of up to 96 proteins or RNA targets in a multiplexed assay.

The assay relies upon antibody or RNA probes coupled to photocleavable oligonucleotide tags. After hybridization of probes to slide-mounted FFPE tissue sections, the oligonucleotide tags are released from discrete regions of the tissue via UV exposure.

Released tags are quantitated in a standard nCounter assay, and counts are mapped back to tissue location, yielding a spatially-resolved digital profile of analyte abundance.

Digital Spatial Profiling at a glance

Target selection

  • Up to 84 RNA targets or 52 protein targets per ROI using the GeoMx validated panels
  • 1,800 RNA targets per ROI using the Cancer Transcriptome Atlas
  • Panels can be customised to spike-in custom RNA and protein targets

Sample types

  • Compatible with the most challenging sample types, including FFPE, fresh frozen tissue and TMAs
  • Preserves tissues so they can be reused

Regions of Interest

  • Automate or customise your section of regions of interest: from tumour and microenvironment down to single cell resolution
Propath is Award Winning

Award Winning

Spatial Transcriptonomics - Method of the Year 2020 by Nature Methods
Propath has an extensive library of samples


Compatible with FFPE and frozen tissue


Flexibility to select your own Regions of Interest on slide

RNA detail

Up to 1,800 RNA targets per ROI using CTA panels

Protein targets

Up to 84 protein targets per ROI using standard panels


Choose from expertly curated, validated panels or create your own


Custom probes for over 100 proteins and 1000 RNAs
3 week turnaround at Propath


From samples to data within as little as three weeks

How researchers are using GeoMx digital spatial profiling


  • Profiling tumour heterogeneity, microenvironment and cancer stem cells
  • Identifying tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes

Immunology and Inflammation

  • In situ immune response characterisation
  • Profiling the immune response of normal and diseased states


  • Contextual profiling of neural and stem cells
  • Characterization of the pathology of neurodegenerative disease


  • High-plex analysis of expression in normal and diseased tissues
  • Biomarker discovery and characterisation
  • Monitoring of therapy response

How our service works

We take care of the complete process from sample preparation to data analysis, with robust QA procedures and complete traceability of your precious samples.



Tell us about your study

We’ll explain the complete process and provide as much support as needed to help you make key decisions and generate meaningful data that achieves your objectives.



Select your panel

Choose from one of NanoString validated protein or mRNA panels, with the option to spike-in additional targets. Alternatively, we can help you design your own custom panel.



Stain sections

We stain your tissue using a fluorescently labelled morphology marker, enabling visualisation of morphology and regions of interest; and your chosen protein or mRNA panel.



Define target areas

Select your Regions of Interest collaboratively with us via remote link or we can select appropriate target areas for you.



Photocleave barcodes

Molecular barcodes from each ROI are cleaved using UV light and deposited into separate tubes.



Count barcodes per ROI

We stain your tissue using a fluorescently labelled morphology marker, enabling visualisation of morphology and regions of interest; and your chosen protein or mRNA panel.



Analyse spatial expression

After normalization and QC checks, we perform analysis of expression by ROI or transfer data to you for you to analyse.

What our clients say

We have worked with Propath for the last two years on a variety of research projects, including both routine analyses and development of novel methods. They have been an excellent partner, always delivering work of a very high quality on time and to agreed budgets.
Nicholas Glanville PhD, Director, Preclinical Research
Prokarium Ltd
Quoted with consent of author
We have worked with Propath on a number of IHC projects and have found them to provide supportive, proactive communication with high levels of scientific expertise. The work they have performed for us has been of a high standard and enhanced the data in our research programmes.
Senior Director
Translational Medicine
Quoted with consent of author
Propath is a company with whom I look forward to working with. I have worked with Propath for many years and they have assisted us with several studies. Communication with regards to project timelines is particularly excellent which facilitates the smooth running of projects from start to finish. My contact with their staff is always professional and courteous. The quality of their work is extremely high, and delivery of results is timely and accurate. It was a pleasure to work with them.
Principal Scientist
Large Biopharma Company
Quoted with consent of author

Cancer Transcriptome Atlas with NGS readout

The essential tool for spatial genomics in oncology

The GeoMx Cancer Transcriptome Atlas (CTA) is designed for comprehensive profiling of tumour biology, the tumour microenvironment, and the immune response.

Profile RNA expression of over 1,800 genes simultaneously with spatial resolution from distinct regions of interest with just a single tissue section.

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Cancer Transcriptome Atlas badge
Whole Transcriptome Atlas badge

Full transcriptome spatial RNA analysis

Spatial analysis of 18,000+ genes in any tissue in the biological regions that matter most

The GeoMx Whole Transcriptome Atlas (WTA) is designed for comprehensive profiling of spatial biology. With full coverage of protein coding genes, WTA delivers spatial analysis of any target in any tissue in any region of interest.

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Spatial Profiling

Differential expression between the tumour and tumour microenvironment.
See case study

Biomarker discovery

Differential expression between the tumour and tumour microenvironment.

Pathways Analysis

Differential expression between the tumour and tumour microenvironment.

Publications & Resources

David Rimm: paper on PD-1 checkpoint blockade

Biomarkers associated with beneficial PD-1 checkpoint blockade in non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) identified using high-plex digital spatial profiling Clin Cancer Res. 2020

Propath’s brochure for NanoString services

Brochure outlining Propath’s service for NanoString nCounter gene and protein analysis, and GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiling


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