Propath to launch grant programme for Nanostring's new Antibody Drug Conjugate development panel.

As as an established partner of NanoString, Propath launches a new grant programme for researchers developing therapeutics based on antibody drug conjugates.

The programme enables researchers to ‘road-test’ the new nCounter® ADC panel, which measures six distinct stages of ADC delivery and response in a single gene expression panel.  

The panel will allow researchers to gauge the success of chemotherapy and combination immunotherapy drug development programs; and has been designed for various sample types that are collected across the full drug development spectrum from process development to clinical trial sample analysis.  

Propath provides a turn-key service for gene expression analysis using the NanoString nCounter platform: from sample prep to data analysis, with robust QA and rapid turnaround.  The nCounter is a highly robust solution for multiplex gene expression analysis of up to 800 RNA or protein targets that gets researchers to reproducible results substantially faster than RNASeq.

Contact us to learn more information about the ADC panel for nCounter or to learn more about our services for bulk gene expression analysis.

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