Investment in Spatial Biology: Propath appoints new Chief Scientific Officer to lead Propath’s services in spatial proteomics and transcriptomics

Propath UK appoints new Chief Scientific Officer to lead services in spatial proteomics and transcriptomics.

Further extending its capabilities in spatial biology, Propath is pleased to announce the appointment of Kelly Hunter as its new Chief Scientific Officer.  

Kelly brings substantial expertise and know-how in spatial proteomics and transcriptomics, having spent several years working at the leading-edge of development of advanced technologies in these areas.  He is experienced in developing complex methods for ultra-high plex immunofluorescence and spatial transcriptomics; and brings his deep knowledge of the strengths and capabilities of the various technology platforms in the market.

Dave Swatman, Commercial Director of Propath, commented, “As one of Europe’s key thought leaders in spatial biology, we are delighted to welcome Kelly to the growing team at Propath. He will be of huge value to our biopharmaceutical clients in developing effective strategies for their experimental and clinical studies involving spatial analysis.”

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