COVID-19 pathogenesis and host response: nCounter gene expression of COVID-19 samples

Propath and NanoString have come together to launch a grant programme for researchers exploring the pathogenesis and host response of SARs-CoV-2.

We are inviting researchers to submit their proposal for analysis of up to 24 RNA samples using NanoString panels with additional COVID-19 targets. Your Specialist in Molecular Pathology

The NanoString nCounter enables rapid quantification of up to 800 miRNA targets from a single sample with digital precision. Faster than qPCR and simpler than NGS, the nCounter removes amplification bias, is highly reproducible and can work with as little as 25-100 ng of input material.

Propath offers a comprehensive NanoString service, including nCounter analysis, GeoMx spatial transcriptomics: from sample prep to data analysis, with robust QA and rapid turnaround.  

NanoString now offers a specific COVID-19 Panel Plus product that can be added as a spike-in to most nCounter Gene Expression panels and/or Custom CodeSets. The panel enables measurement of the SARS-CoV-2 virus as well as the human or mouse ACE2 receptor RNA, in addition to the measurement of other genes in the assay. A recently published study demonstrates how the nCounter Immunology Panel was used to describe the dynamic and varied immune response that shapes the progression of COVID-19 (Ong et al, Host & Microbe 2020).

Contact us to learn more information about the nCounter panel for SARs-CoV-2 or to learn more about our other NanoString services.

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